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Welcome to Chocolate Hostage Online!

in here you can find a load of links to sites that we support, think your website should be on here? let us know...

support your local scene

skatepunkreading home of punk/emo/ska for reading and beyond
josaka popular site for berkshire music scene
berkshire live music forum an active message board for local sceners (paul's on there a lot!) a new site dedicated to all things punk and reading
elooporium these guys are giving their all to support local bands, including a fab internet based radio station...
impact studios the place we go to make some noise and drink the best cups of tea you'll ever taste
imbecilik rekordz local punx who put on a mothly gig at the turtle

local(ish) bands we like

born stupid
jokei ciro

not so local bands we like

the ataris
lost prophets

some other websites

indymedia - don't hate the media, be the media
the onion - pretty funny
iraq bodycount - 100,000 in the first gulf war, 500,000 by sanctions, how many iraqis have been 'liberated' this time?
vegansociety - find out why consuming other creatures is bad news for us, them and the planet we all share
mcspotlight - seriously, don't eat at mcdonalds
slashdot - who's peering over your shoulder (metaphorically)
earlapricot - the adventures of shaun the sheep!