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band biography

uh oh, a bio of the band... ok, well, we've been together since late 2001. kev and had known each other for a while and had been in a band before called monkey bob. they had a big singer but little success, praise allah.

anyways, we were looking for a guitarist, paul came along, we liked him, he liked beer and so the journey began. thought paul was a policeman but was too polite to ask.

next we saw an ad for a drummer. kev gave him a call, not realising that the ad was placed by the creature we would come to know as beefy. we all liked him but were puzzled by the smell.

many years later when alcohol came in tablets and chickens had little space cars, some fool called ben came along, made us tea and shouted like a crazy. he became the singer.

what are the defining attributes of the band? punk music, with guiltless forays into rock, funk, and metal, political visions (from anarchist to apathist) and an endless stream of innuedo from behind the drumkit.

click on the names for more personal info and find out, amongst other things, what paul's favourite 'famous five' book is and what role tofu actually plays in the band...