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biography - mr fish

name: paul herring
age: 25
born: 26th january 1978
originally from: doncaster
currently from: london
job in chocolate hostage: guitar + vocals
what have i been doing up until now: had a dump, ate some tofu and watched a film. oh, not just today? lots of stuff, too much to mention...
past bands: blanket, monkey bob, dep.
favourite all time bands: faith no more, smashing pumpkins, green day and ratm
favourite current listening: i prefer raisins but
lostprophets, soad and less than jake float my
boat too...
favourite colour: black (and mine goes up to
eleven :o) )
favourite animals: all of them - i'm vegan!
favourite films: donnie brasco, the shawshank redemption, clerks, mallrats, tank girl
favourite books: on the road (jack kerouac), the grapes of wrath (john stienbeck), reaper man (terry pratchett)
person i'd most like to meet: myself, wonder if i walk funny?
things i like: writing songs, rollerblading, vegan food, my wife, positivity, sunshine
things i don't like: cigarettes, alcohol, meat, caffiene, work, the rich
general beliefs: be happy without messing up any other living things day