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biography - paul c

name: paul
age: 24
born: 13th july 1978
originally from: formby, near liverpool
currently from: wokingham
job in chocolate hostage: guitar + backing vocals
what have i been doing up until now: grew up in formby, then went to leeds university for 3 years where i miraculously obtained a 2:1, then moved down to wokingham to work in bracknell
past bands: ripcord (based out of maidenhead. check out some tracks here.)
favourite all time bands: the smiths, morrissey, radiohead, primal scream, ratm, the cure, the stone roses, happy mondays, rhcp, foo fighters, green day, hendrix, dylan
favourite current listening: morrissey, the ataris, pavement, steven malkmus, the silver jews, alkaline trio, everclear, cooper temple clause, flaming lips, hole, idlewild
favourite colour: blue
favourite animals: monkeys, donkeys, lions, tigers...
favourite films: shawshank redemption, clerks, dogma, watership down, the lion king, midnight run
favourite books: the vagina monologues (ok, it's a play...), the famous five book where dick gets told off for using bad language after saying "oh bother. oh both, blast and blow!", bonfire of the vanities (tom wolfe), harry potter and the goblet of fire, surfacing (margaret atwood... in fact, most of her books...), les miserables, round ireland with a fridge (tony hawks.. just read playing the moldovans at tennies, too, and that was ace!) and loads more, really...
person i'd most like to meet: if i could meet someone dead, probably hendrix, if it has to be someone who's alive, i reckon that nelson mandela seems like quite a nice guy... or possible claire richards (formerly of steps) because I had a huge crush on her for years at university...
things i like: sitting around doing nothing except reading and listening to music. playing acoustic/clean guitar for hours on end. my baby (also known as a fender usa telecaster in natural ash). alcohol in nearly all forms. curry, chilli - in fact nearly all types of spicy food. flaming hot monster munch. girly girls. leeds. liverpool. being able to wear jeans, a t-shirt and trainers to go anywhere, no matter what the club/pub has on, or whatever the weather is.
things i don't like: smoking (it just stinks...), people who decide at an early age that they want to be a politician (surely that is grounds for never allowing them to be a politician - see william hague as an example), big tomatoes, celery, positive discrimination (on the grounds that it is thoroughly demeaning for all involved), anyone telling me I'm wrong about anything (I'm not very good at hearing that, and will often argue a point even though I know I'm wrong, but am not willing to lose an argument!), whisky, middle of the road r+b bullshit (put some life, energy and passion into it, or just fuck off and write nursery rhymes), sand.
general beliefs: just get on with doing whatever it is you've chosen to do - and do it properly. and if you believe in something, don't wuss out of it just because someone else tells you to. Your opinion is yours, no matter what other people say. They may be able to change your opinion, but they can't disregard it