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biography - kev

name: kev
age: 24
born: yep, 24 yrs ago now
originally from: <sigh> hasn't anyone explained this to you? well, when a man & and a woman are in love, they get certain urges etc....
currently from: london. innit.
job in chocolate hostage: bass
what have i been doing up until now: umm... it's a long story....
past bands: well, we never really had a name...but it was with dan, murray and paul
favourite all time bands: chronologically.... a-ha, jason donovan, guns n roses, nofx, propaghandhi
favourite current listening: ye wiles, anti-flag, chocolate hostage, soad
favourite colour: purple
favourite animal: a half-human/half rabbit. it listens to punk, but it's kinda cute and eats a lot of carrots and spinach
favourite films: bowling for columbine, american history x
favourite books: practical ethics by peter singer. perfume, patrick suskind. most of noam chomsky's books
person i'd most like to meet: gandhi. fighting power, eating vegan, spinning cotton. he was a punk before punk was invented
things i like: falafel, bikes, helen, trees, beds, water, bass, weed
things i don't like: blisters, ties, cars, busted, ariel sharon and guitarists
general beliefs: err, i dunno, be happy, think about the consequences of your actions. poo regularly. it's good for you and it's fun